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Anatomy of a Great Bedroom

Posted by Sky


What makes a wonderful bedroom or guest room? You might think it depends on having an expensive interior designer, an endless budget, or access to trade resources.

Though any of those might result in a pretty room, decorating bedrooms can be a simple and easy process, with results that make you proud.

Exactly what does it take to get a designer look for a bedroom on a less-than-hefty bank account?

We've selected three beautiful bedroom images -- a toile bedroom, a four-poster, and a cottage-style room -- to prove our point. See for yourself what elegance results from this simple approach to bedroom decor. As a bonus, we break down the pieces you'll need for each look and offer links to more inspiring photos and DIY projects.

Let's get started!

Toile Bedroom

Here's a beautiful room that's also beautifully easy to replicate.

Begin with cream-colored walls and plain carpet or hardwood flooring. Next, a gorgeous toile fabric outfits the upholstered (or slipcovered) headboard and bed skirt. Luxurious white bed linens top off the sleeping space.

A pair of wall lamps is a good way to offer light without taking up any room on the nightstands. In each corner, white armchairs fill the need for places to sit. Prints, books, and accessories round out the room with simplicity and elegance.

See the full list of room elements below.

What You'll Need
  1. Bed
  2. Headboard: either upholstered or slipcovered in toile fabric
  3. Box-pleated bed skirt made from the same toile fabric
  4. Pair of nightstands painted black
  5. Trio of framed prints to hang over the bed
  6. Pair of wall-hung lamps
  7. Pair of upholstered slipper chairs in white
  8. Bed linens in white with black borders
  9. Accessories: plants, books, pillows


This room combines traditional furniture with a clean, contemporary look.

Soft tan on walls and flooring envelopes the room in warmth, while the four-poster is minimally dressed in white and gray bedding. Velvet and faux fur throw pillows add texture and a nice style touch.

At the foot of the bed, an ottoman serves as a bench or perch for luggage. A small nightstand was necessary due to the size of this room, but your space may be large enough for full-size night tables, a desk, or even a pedestal table.

Modern notes appear in the framed art, contemporary lamp, and neutral color scheme.

Browse the list of room elements below.

What You'll Need
  1. Four-poster bed frame and bed
  2. Bed linens, pillows, blankets in white and charcoal gray
  3. Upholstered ottoman
  4. Nightstands or tables
  5. Pair of contemporary lamps for nightstands
  6. Accessories: Framed photograph, velvet pillows, vase of flowers
  7. Elsewhere in the room: a wood chest, rocking chair, wall mirror, and hat rack

Cottage Casual

Give a bedroom the look of a seaside cottage with this scheme done in soft pastels and white.

Wood floors are topped with a textured seagrass rug. On the wall, a gorgeous tint of soft green was chosen from the floral pillow fabrics seen on the bed.

The room furnishings have a vintage look with a distressed white painted finish. This gives our mismatched pieces a collected, yet cohesive, look.

Lace-trimmed pillows, bed skirt, and floral pillows add to the cottage theme. Though floral fabric pillows are the main focal point on this wall, a collection of vintage floral prints in white frames would also fit with the room's style direction.

Browse the list of room elements below.

What You'll Need
  1. White metal (or wood) bed frame and bed
  2. Lacy bed skirt and pillow shams
  3. Mix-and-match bed linens in cottage colors: white, pastels, and florals
  4. Small nightstand tables painted white
  5. Cottage-style lamps with white shades
  6. Floral pillows that repeat the wall color
  7. Cottage-style accessories: baskets of shells, vintage vases, etc.
  8. Other room furnishings: white painted desk/dressing table, upholstered chair, bookshelves, mirror


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