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Modern bedroom furniture Set

Posted by Sky

Modern Italian Bedroom set
Bedroom set designed and made in Italy Contemporary modern bedroom platform bedroom set, with drop headboard and adjustable lights. Headboard can be changed.

Contemporary Italian Bedroom set
Bedroom set designed and made in Italy. Contemporary Italian bedroom set, with curve platform and wood headboard

Contemporary white lacquer bedroom set
Contemporary white lacquer platform bed with nightstands raised off the floor. A truly unique high gloss modern platform bed which features an innvovative LED lights built into the headboard as well as choice of lacquer colors.

Imported from Spain, this exclusive modern platform bed has a lacquer high gloss finish. Innovative design with LED lights incorporated into the headboard.

This unique contemporary Platform Bed is low profile, and features outstanding horizontal line design with much attention to detail. This unique modern platform bed is also available with storage underneath the bed. Two storage options are available for the Domino Tokyo 656 Platform Bed: open storage option where the bed looks identical to the picture and closed storage where the storage underneath the bed is closed. Price includes Queen Size Platform Bed and 2 nightstands.

Espirit Modern Bedroom
Modern Design with a touch of whimsical imagination makes the Espirit Platform Bed plainly unforgettable. Made in Italy by Rossetto, Espirit Modern Platform Bed exerts a simple and delicate aura, manifested in a fashionably modern style. It displays noble character with natural elements and masterful Italian craftsmanship. The Espirit Italian Contemporary Platform Bed features white leather upholstered headboard and frame with slightly rounded corners. The high headboard of the Espirit Italian Platform Bed is upholstered in white leather with elegant quilted flower design. Available in Queen, King and California King sizes.

VIRGOLA Modern leather bedroom
Contemporary bedroom Virgola by Rossetto company USA. Combination of contemporary and classic style. The bedroom is produced with a teak veneer and has brushed metal handles. The drawer glides are metal with roller wheels. The platform which is available in King, California King and Queen is upholstered in a Leatherette ( synthetic product that looks and feels like leather )

DIAMOND Platform bed
The only one of its kind with the two pillows upholstered in crocodile leather effect. This extraordinarily elegant furnishing item is much more than just a bed this italian made design is not only unique but stylish and is a sure fit to and home.Allow yourself the luxury to stand out and make a statement. Diamond by Rossetto is a collection expressing a great desire to be modern and striking using its daring elegance and suggestive glamour. Designed and manufactured in Italy, Diamond Modern Bedroom Set by Rossetto is a refined collection with precious new details: inserts in crocodile leather effect as well as inlays and components in genuine Strass Swarovski Crystals that cleverly compliment the splendor of glossy black lacquer, adding a touch of luxury to the formal elegance of this Italian Modern Bed.

Selex Blok Ebony Bedroom set
The Blok model is versatile, offering you different colors and materials, so it can adapt to the furnishing needs of your home

The outstanding feature in the bed, is the light incorporated in the headboard. Technology and design complement each other in the creation of the your bedroom

Imported from Spain exclusive platform bed made with wenge wood veneered components and with ebony glossy lacquer accents. At this moment we offer king size beds with walk on platform from either side.


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Hey, this furniture seems very beautiful and extra ordinary in look. Even the comfort level is also good. Thanks for sharing a great piece of art.
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robert said...

modern furniture

The excellent function in the bed, is the lighting included in the queen headboard. Technological innovation and style enhance each other in the style of the your bedroom

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