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Italian Bedroom

Posted by Sky

Modern Italian Bed
The SMA Trendy Comp 06 is made for the discerning Italian furniture aficionado. This cherry colored contemporary modern bed set features solid wood construction and light that are recessed in the headboard. If you are looking for a beautiful modern Italian bed in the hard to find cherry color, look no further!

Modern Leather Platform Bed
Beautiful contemporary design doesn't have to stop in the living room.The Italian made SMA Zen 50 is perfect for anyone looking for a modern Italian bed to spice up your bedroom.The modern Italian bed is upholstered with espresso leather and is stitched together with white stitches. This beautiful bedroom set also includes the beautiful leather bed, a four drawer dresser and a nightstand with a backlit, frosted glass top. Everything is made out of espresso colored wood. If you are looking for a furniture set for your con temporarily designed bedroom, the SMA Zen 50 is perfect for you.

Contemporary platform bed
Prestige wood, finished with craftsmanship. A beautiful play of Tobacco and light. Details that make your bed unique. The bedroom is complete, perfect. Bed in solid wood with veneered with genuine tobacco and Croc-type leather: the chest and bedside tables have beech wood sides and backs.

Contemporary Italian Bed
This rustic styled modern platform bed creates an inviting look. Finished in solid wood veneer, this modern bed with its cherry color and slick design will definitely add a special ambience to your bedroom décor. Simple yet stylish, the Italian Bedroom set offers a distinctive look with its beach wood chest and bedside tables.
Nothing can beat this contemporary Italian bed that makes a dreary corner come alive and converts the ordinary space into a room that most people only dream about. This bed is sleeker and lower than traditional beds, designed to use a mattress alone rather than a mattress and box spring. There are lights on both the sides of this platform bedroom set. Many times, most of us experience back problems at some point or the other in life due to our real culprit beds. But you can consider this modern platform bed which if comfortable as well as sturdy for you back.

Modern italian Bed
A stylish modern Italian bed in your bedroom gives it a real meaning to look forward to when going to sleep. A well-structured bed is always essential for good sleep and a comfortable body posture while resting. This model called the Trendy Tobacco is made in Italy that gives you a fine and classy platform bed to soothe you in those good times and also satisfies your need to own a piece of modern furniture. This contemporary design bed is hard to resist with its mesmerizing structure and color palette.

Made in Tobacco Oak color, the bed has lights on its fashionable headboard, which is a good and essential feature. It is made in solid wood veneer constructions. This modern bed in wengue color gives the bedroom that relaxed and calm look which is very ethical and gives it an original fashionable look. With the low height from the floor it’s easy to use even for children. This eye catchy piece is a good deal at any given time.

Italian leather bed
Presenting you with the sleek, flush design, modern platform bed and you can imagine this bedroom set giving your room a very relaxing feel that you could enjoy after a long day at work. It is just like a journey in some imaginary land, when you relax on this bed.
This contemporary Italian bed is designed with one drawer nightstand and two drawer vanity units. Brown colored Platform bed with headboard gives an efficacious support and at the same time it presents a soft image. It is like a dream come true when this entirely hand made from solid Italian wood and featuring dark chocolate leather can fit into your home décor and gives a touch of class.
You will be proud to take home this low profile leather bed and one of the masterful products that speak of exquisite taste and compliment your modern furniture.

Modern Italian Bed
This Modern Italian bed is designed to capture the essence of your guests and anybody who looks at it just says, ‘beautiful craftsmanship”. It provides you an excellent back support and comfort. These modern Italian beds have grown in popularity as compared to other traditional beds because of their lighter and more space-conscious design.
With this unique Italian design, this platform bed gives you a sleep solution that meets your needs and matches your high level lifestyle. You can have this Italian bed in cherry color and is built with solid wood. It is deceptively simple in design and it has lights on the headboard and is available with storage option.
You will find this platform bed very practical and functional for your daily use and also deliver an urban chic appeal into your bedroom. Don’t wait for long, without wasting a single minute you must purchase this unique platform bed today for your bedroom.

Modern Italian Corner Bed
Here is a modern corner bed that will be the centerpiece of your bedroom. It is beautifully and carefully constructed with built-in nightstands. The versatility of corner platform bed makes them an ideal interior design. Its cherry color gives a modern feel to any room.
This contemporary Italian designed bed is an excellent choice for rooms with limited space, no additional space is needed. You can also order some additional pieces like dresser or chest with this contemporary bedroom furniture. These are ideal for small apartments because they can function both in living as well as bedroom. If you are thinking about taking home a comfortable and stylish corner bed, then think no more and take this modern platform bed home without any hesitation. No matter what your preferences are, once you bring this furniture home, you will definitely recommend it to your friends.


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