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Modern italian bed in black lacquer
If you want a solid, opaque atmosphere on your contemporary bedroom, then this modern Italian bed would do the trick.
This modern Italian bed fuses solid colors of black and white to create a deep, spacious feel all throughout the room. This platform bed is designed to provide low-rise balance which aims to keep the owner at ease and comforted as he sleeps on it. The bed is also spacious enough to accommodate slumber parties as well as sudden honeymoons.
This contemporary lacquer bed is painted with a high gloss finish that keeps a posh, solid look that conquers the whole bedroom space. The headboard is also upholstered in soft top grade Italian leather which provides back support when one leans on it.
This contemporary modern Italian bed is also accentuated with a two-unit vanity. The vanity is painted in black lacquer, which adds to the total sophistication of the bedroom. The vanity works as a personal space where one can release his thoughts, moods and ideas, and also works as the one common spot where he can keep all his personal belongings.

Contemporary Italian Bed
Modern contemporary furniture considers not only a minimalist style but as well as the infusion of various elements that would satisfy one’s need for comfort, function and style. This is the main objective of this modern Italian bed.
This modern Italian bed in tobacco oak color is designed to provide adequate space for sleeping and relaxation, made for those who want to be comforted after a long day’s work. One of the most sophisticated pieces of contemporary bedroom furniture, this modern Italian bed can keep up with the latest trends without being out of style.
This Italian bed is covered with a wood and wood veneer finish, to maintain its homely and country-style atmosphere. This bed is also accentuated with a 3-drawer nightstand that is also made of wood. The 3-drawer nightstand can be a place for safekeeping important accessories.

Contemporary Bed
If you want a minimalist appeal on your bedroom, then you may as well try this modern wall bed. This contemporary Italian bed is made up of sleek, functional designs that try to make the bedroom space as functional as it can be. It is designed to keep up the balance not just in terms of style but as well as comfort. This bed is made of wood and is finished with wood veneer for a more traditional look. The cherry color provides a nature-inspired color making the whole bedroom piece as homely as possible.
This modern bedroom furniture consists of a platform bed. This is to promote a low-rise atmosphere on the whole bedroom. Vertical space becomes more prevalent in this setting, which makes the ceiling look higher than it actually is.
The main high light of the bed is its headboard. The headboard constitutes of a built-in lighting system that provides adequate light whenever needed. The lights can set up a particular mood depending on one’s preference. A bookshelf is also present on the sides of the headboard for one to place books and other belongings.
Built-in nightstands are also found on the bed, which can be used for safekeeping some important belongings. All the parts of the bed have an intended function making it one of the top choices of modern contemporary living.

Modern Italian Bedroom Furniture
Screen bed in tobacco oak with dark brown leather headboard. tobacco grilled and luminous rear bed panels.

Domino bed in tobacco oak and cream Pony Set
the Domino bed has a fabulous padded headboard covered in fine Italian wool, with a Tobacco Oak frame also topped with Italian wool (both in cream). The Domino has fabulous matching bedside cabinets & chests in a huge variety of lacquer & wood colours & the bed itself is also available in with a fully wool covered frame.


Susan said...

Ooh! So pretty! Casamodern provides Italian Contemporary Furniture to design your home.

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Nice blog with great lookin furniture.

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great Italian bedroom furniture style that makes bedroom more beautiful and cozy....
superb...i must say that:

Jessica Parker
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Oh my goodness, I just love those floral bags with the wood handles. Those doors are super too! Very cool! Great blog!That is a beautiful arbor!

Susan Graham

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My bother who is a furniture designer also likes your designs here.Thank you

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Thanks for posting such a nice blog.

platform beds said...

Hey, this furniture seems very beautiful and extra ordinary in look. Even the comfort level is also good. Thanks for sharing a great piece of art.

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Great collection... This makes bedroom more beautiful... Thanks for sharing.
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