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BookCases and Storage

Posted by Sky

spine wood bookcase
Solid-wood shelving is ideal for narrow spaces.Ten shelves. Assembly required.

newkirk media tower
Versatile storage for media equipment and more. Wood construction. Some assembly required. Open shelving for storage and display. One adjustable and one fixed shelf.

rectangle cutout bookcase
A combination of open and closed storage, perfect for revealing and concealing. Designed to accommodate west elm’s canvas storage collection. Wood construction. Assembly required.

A frame bookcase
Graduated open shelves scale bold new heights. Versatile, modern design in wood construction with oak veneer. Assembly required.

stacked modular bookcases
Open stacked shelving does double duty as a room divider. Wood construction. Assembly required.

room divider bookcase
Impressively versatile. Tall, freestanding open shelving works double-duty, dividing a room while displaying art, books and collections. Wood construction. Assembly required.

cadman spine bookcase
Minimalist design maximizes vertical wall space with 14 removable shelves. Assembly required.

parsons bookcase
Airy open shelving for storage and display. Wood construction.


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Fine Linens said...

I am soooooo impressed! Your talent is amazing!
Keep up the creative work.

television armoire said...

The bookcases are simply irresistible. I love the stacked modular bookcase and the one that doubles as a divider. They are lovely and have a beautiful finish. These bookshelves are every bookworm's wet dream!

gardrop modelleri said...

Ov wonderfull. Very nice design.

ürün tanıtımı said...

Good idea. Very nice bookcases.

John Taylor said...

The frame bookcase looks modern, great complement to a nice living room. Yet the one that got me is the top one because it works nicely in narrow spaces, just what I need at the moment instead of the full-oversized cupboard shelve style bookshelf!
John Taylor,
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Craftmatic said...

The very best. If you ever have any stubborn people like anyone else, have them call 'em out. As part of my continued mission to find the absolute best cases to make me more convenient living, this is without a doubt at the top of my wishes to find out. Craftmatic furniture is the best.

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plumbing said...

One of these days I will order myself one of those bookshelf dividers. I was convince that organizing my books is a form of fashion.

Playmobil said...

Such a cool set of bookcases. Being a bookworm you must know how to sort your books in a fashionable and creative manner as this implements.

plumbing supplier said...

Superb designs...really i love your all interior decoration and chairs....:-)

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Good post. These bookcases may help you make the most out of a small area. Thanks for sharing.

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