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Desks and File Cabinets

Posted by Sky

cadman workstation

Straightforward styling combines with easy modularity. Add the corner unit between two desks to create an expansive L-shaped workstation. Powder-coated steel frame. Assembly required. White with frosted glass or silver with slate-toned glass.

parsons desk with drawers
Versatile entry console or office essential with clean, straight lines and wood construction. Two drawers close flush for a smooth surface. Simple assembly.

parsons mini desk
Scaled for smaller spaces, with clean lines and wood construction. Single flush drawer. Simple assembly.

bond desks + wedge unit
Functional modular office essentials with a contemporary slant. Cantilevered desktops sit atop angled legs. Wood construction. Simple assembly. Oak veneer.

tapered-frame desk
Simple lines meet substantial proportions for a striking work space. Wood construction. Assembly required.

bond desk, small

Functional modular office essentials with a contemporary slant. Cantilevered desktops sit atop angled legs. Two drawers. Wood construction. Simple assembly. Oak veneer.

bond desk, large

Functional modular office essentials with a contemporary slant. Cantilevered desktops sit atop angled legs. Pullout keyboard tray on left, drawer on right. Wood construction. Simple assembly. Oak veneer.

morgan desk + wedge unit

Functional modular designs for rooms of all sizes. Use the wedge unit between two desks to create a wraparound workspace. Wood construction. Assembly required.

ashford desk

A veritable all-in-one office system. Pull-out top "drawer" folds down into a working surface or storage space for a laptop. Includes supply drawer, large letter-sized file drawer and a cabinet with sliding door and adjustable shelf. Wood construction.

sawhorse worktable
Modern industry. An expansive glass tabletop rests upon two sleek steel-plated legs with a black nickel finish. Simple assembly.


John Taylor said...

Love the first one; L-shaped workstation with frosted glass. Really stands out, plus fits nicely on that striped carpet. The other one that caught my eye is the bond desk. Especially those angled legs, don't see much of it.
John Taylor,
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craftmatic said...

In order to safe all things right is to keep it properly and put in a good placement. Just to watched this good cabinet which place in a proper holder and things got that right. Love those shapes of desks including the styling of the craftmatic furniture.

Building a home said...

It's really wonderful. Accept my gratitude. It's all really good. Table has really helped our home more attractive. I was amazed at the quality of table. It really saves me time and effort.

S. West said...

I am looking for the large white frosted glass cadman workstation (48"w x 30"d x 29.5"h) would anyone know where I might be able to find one? (West elm does not have any)

Thank in advance.

S. West

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Double Glazing said...

These are beautiful work spaces. Anyone would surely love to work in these kind of place.

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